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Who are they?



Custodians are a series of photographic portraits of Filipino custodians at Emily Carr University. The images highlight the invisible cleaners in the institution to be visible through the lens of photography. Away from the cluttered rooms, our ates and kuyas are lit up from the studio setting. In this project, they are free to present themselves however they want, giving life and a portrayal of who they are and what they do beyond the walls and their context within the institution as custodians. Filipinos are one of the main contributors to the immigrant population and labour force in Canada. A result of the migration is 'underemployment'—the reality of leaving who you were and what you have with the hope of finding a better life. Despite the narrative of the new "Canadian Dream," are the stories of Filipino immigrants that they may have left behind in their motherland. Filipino often can be found in the service industries, cleaners, domestic helpers, care aid, and caregivers—belittled by others. But despite the negative connotations of these jobs, Filipinos have to keep their head held high—to support their families back home.

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