My photographic work ranges from the context of personal narrative with interest in incorporating my Filipino history and Canadian Culture. "Oath of Identity" is a four-minute video graphic art that represents my identities as a born and raised Filipino and soon Canadian Citizen. The first part of the video is the speaking of the Philippines' National Anthem "Lupang Hinirang." Lupang Hinirang is a poem made by Filipino, Julian Felipe entitled "Filipinas," initially written in Spanish adapted and translated into the Filipino language. Lupang Hinirang is to play during flag ceremonies in the country, and occasions hosted by the government. 


The next part sings, "O Canada." Moving to Canada is embracing and showing my respect to the country that welcomed me—recognizing my identity now as an immigrant living in a foreign country. The third part delivers the "Panatang Makabayan" (Patriotic Oath), which is another national identity of the Filipinoes. This pledge is to be addressed right after singing the national anthem in schools. This oath verbalizes the nationalism of everyone at the same time, showing their love for their country. 


The last part is the "Canadian Oath," this pledge is delivered by the new citizens of Canada. As an immigrant and in the process of residency, I express my future commitment as a Canadian citizen. Ultimately, the last part is a mashup version of both National Anthems, Lupang Hinirang and O Canada, and oaths; Panatang Makabayan and Canadian Oath, to acknowledge both identities within me.