My Here is Her

My here is now. I have opened my eyes to appreciate her glorifying attributes- her mountain that keeps me safe, trees that help me breathe, and water the flourishes me to grow. She has bestowed unto me a place to arise, learn, create, and appreciate. Her home is my home; it is now where I belong, where my roots have grown. I will call this place my home.


The Philippines is my home- it is where I came from. Where I first saw her beauty. But after not too long I had to leave her to see a new beauty. Far and Wide, the land of glory and freedom. O Canada! your splendour has captured me.


                  “With each year, our colour fades, Slowly, our paint chips away.

                                    But we will find the strength, And the nerve it takes

                                                To repaint and repaint and repaint every day.”


Over the past five years, it has been incredible to explore my new home here—her. North Vancouver has offered me a long path of trails, trees that form a labyrinth up to the sky. I viewed the gradient of her mountain and the silhouettes upon the shore that highlight me at night. This place has been a land of untouched, together with my explorations. I have glimpsed how people altered her. Our home is adapting to change. I see trees that are slashed and replanted with steel and glasses buildings. They must have recognized the need for more homes. But as I witness her changes, I pondered my worth. What have I done to deserve her blessings? Is she delighted that I am here? I can recognize that I am taking up space from her. And I am a tiny particle, a speck of dust.


                      “smaller than dust on this map, Lies the greatest thing we have,

                                  The dirt in which our roots may grow and the right to call it home.”

                                                             -sleeping at last, north