Tubig at langis (water and oil), 2021

(series) Mga Idyomang Pilipino

: rivals; not getting along together


Gintong Kutsara (golden spoon), 2021

(series) Mga Idyomang Pilipino

: Filipino idiom that has something to do with someone being born wealthy

Kibit balikat, 2021

(series) Mga Idyomang Pilipino

: shrug-off

Pasan ang Krus (bear the cross), 2021

(series) Mga Idyomang Pilipino

: reason of someone’s life difficulties; a heavy burden to others

Kahit lumuha ng Dugo (Even if you shed blood), 2021

(series) Mga Idyomang Pilipino

: You will never be forgiven, or sacrificed


Mga Idyomang Pilipino


It is an exploration of Filipino Idiomatic Expression. The idiom is a phrase with a different meaning from the literal meaning of the words. These projects explore the relationship between the mother language and culture's comments and how a body interprets its visual representation. Idioms have used mother an expression in my experience, and some idiomatic expression has been used to cultivate behaviours, often used by children, and carries on. In my experience, idioms are significant to my upbringing. It helped me behave and be conscious of my actions. These staged photographs also depict how these words staged someone's upbringing. Moreover, I wanted to interpret this literature and words to visual culture. Visual Images do no have the power to translate or depict a particular word's meaning and vice versa. 


Moreover, it is the idea that these Idioms are no longer frequently used. They have seemed to be forgotten over these years. And for me, what has been more challenging is my migration. As i moved to another country, these beautiful sets of words won't be used anymore. If you would translate to English, its meaning no longer exists as non-Filipino speakers won't understand it anymore. Thematically my submission is abstracted. The viewers could look at it reasonably straightforwardly when the images' concept is derived from a cultural background. Then the relationship between the viewer and the work gets abstracted.


Makati ang Kamay (Itchy Hand) 2021

(series) Mga Idyomang Pilipino

: Someone who is always itching to steal something

Makati ang Paa (Itchy Feet), 2021

(series) Mga Idyomang Pilipino

: describing someone that enjoys going places

Hawak sa Leeg (held by the neck), 2021

(series) Mga Idyomang Pilipino

:someone who is controlled by other person


Ikrus sa noo (Cross on the forehead), 2021

(series) Mga Idyomang Pilipino

: something to remember


May gatas pa sa labi (there is still milk on the lips), 2021

(series) Mga Idyomang Pilipino

: someone who is still young, less experience

Balat Sibuyas (Onion Skin), 2021

(series) Mga Idyomang Pilipino

: someone who is sensitive


Nakakuha ng kalabasa (got a pumpkin), 2021

(series) Mga Idyomang Pilipino

: failed in studies; did not passed examination